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Participie v0.8

A few exciting things happened during the past couple of weeks. Firstly, we gave the whole website a facelift, which has made it look more polished. Our static pages now use the new template instead of being part of the WordPress-backed blog.

Secondly, we rearranged the navigation so that there’s now a bakery where all pies can be accessed. This ought to make it easier for users to find things if we add more pies in the future. We’ve also set up a second pie that is also related to the Presidential debates and ought to elicit some interesting results.

Thirdly, a short video gives new users a painless overview of how to use the website and the interactive visualization. A first round of user testing (read, one of my friends) revealed that the video is indeed a helpful addition.

Other than that, we’ll be adding a single pie that consolidates all the user inputs to for each pie category sometime in the next couple of days and then perhaps add thumb up/thumb down-type community options a little later in the week.

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